From clay to a piece of art

Before you make an order, please keep in mind that from order to shipment it takes approximately 8 weeks at least to make your handmade product. Here’s an explanation of the process on making ceramics. 


The first step is preparing and wedging the clay needed to throw your piece and then the clay needs to be kneaded well.
Afterward, I started centering the clay on the potter's wheel. Once the clay is perfectly in the center of the potter's wheel, I can start making the shape.
When I’m satisfied with the shape, I’ll take your order from the potter's wheel and let it dry on the shelf for a few days.
Once the clay is leather-hard (between wet and dry), I’ll trim the piece on the potter's wheel, by removing excess clay and putting a nice foot.


The second step is that the clay has to dry out a little more before your piece can be fired for the first time. We call that first encounter with the oven the bisque fire. I can’t open the oven then for 1.5 days. No glaze is applied yet and the kiln is heated to 960°C. 
After the first fire, I’ll start glazing. I make my own glazes, which is the most challenging process in pottery with lots of testing and experimenting. Once I found my perfect glaze, I make a batch from it. I dip or pour the glaze onto the pieces. I use food safe and lead-free glazes on all my functional ware.
Applying the glaze on the pieces takes a lot of time and concentration.  I make sure that the glazes used for functional ware is food safe. 
When enough pieces have been glazed, we start baking again. This second baking is called the glaze fire and is done at an even higher temperature at 1250°C and for the second time I need to keep my nerves under control for almost 2 days and keep my patience to see the end result. This ensures that your order is definitely waterproof.