Behind the hands.

Welcome to House of Mawi. 
My name is Wilma and my journey into ceramics began in 2017 when I took my first pottery lesson. What started off simply as a hobby quickly became a relentless passion that has continued to grow ever since. Over the last few years, I’ve diligently learned the techniques of wheel throwing and making my own glazes. In 2021, I decided to follow my heart and turned my hobby into my full-time profession.

Ceramics is a slow-paced art. Every piece is 100% handmade at the Potter’s wheel with lots of care, passion and love. Each piece is truly unique, meaning no two creations can ever be identical, as mine is an artisanal practice and is not intended to resemble something that rolled off a factory assembly line. 

I get an immense feeling of fulfilment every time I see a smiling face and appreciation for my handmade ceramics. Conveying my passion through my creations is, and always will be, the main driving force behind House of Mawi. House Of Mawi (meaning: House Of Mathieu (my husband) and Wilma; the name 'mawi'; is of Indian/Sanskrit origin and means 'beautiful'). A line of small-batch timeless ceramics, all handmade from start to finish, created by myself.

My Story.

Growing up in Kenya as a child, I lived in a place in time where kids were always playing outdoors. Now, years later when I look back at this time, it was truly an influential period in my life. I can still vividly recall going to kindergarten where we were always drawing and creating things using nothing but our hands and our imagination. I believe that my childhood in Africa played a very important role in becoming the person that I am today. 

Aside from my love for ceramics, I'm also very passionate about cooking healthy food, mixology, yoga and discovering new places on our beautiful planet we call Mother Earth. I will always choose quality over quantity. My moto is less is more, where beauty strives to be achieved through simplicity. Living at the rhythm of the sun and attracted to the beauty of our planet is where I find inspiration for my ceramic collections.