10 reasons why buying Handmade is better

When I created House Of Mawi, I was embracing a calling to get back in touch with nature, to work with my hands, to create, and to inspire. Over the past years I've gained an understanding of what it means to trust my creative skills and fall in love over and over again with making ceramics. But have you ever really thought about exactly what the benefit is of buying handcrafted products and who gets what out of the transaction? There are so many reasons, so here I'll list 10 reasons why purchasing handmade products is better than commercially produced items. 

 1. Handmade is unique and customizable

Unlike gifts that are mass-produced, you will often find unique differences in each handmade item, which really makes the product and the purchase very special. Nobody in the whole world will have exactly the same item, and that’s pretty unique! My ceramics are also made to order and personalised to your specification. 

2. Handmade is good for the environment

Handmade products are great for the environment.  Most handmade products do not require a factory or large production facility.  Instead, nearly all are made in small craft studios and workshops, the transformed shed at the bottom of the garden, or people’s own homes.

3. Handmade is supporting the local economy

When buying handmade products you are supporting the local economy, the local community and a real person. Instead of your money going to huge corporate brands where the maker or designer receives a fraction of the product price, it goes directly to the person who made your wonderful gift. But it’s not just about money. Each sale, gives the maker, the artist, the crafts person a confidence in their product, chance to develop their skills further, opportunity to re-invest the money back to their business and carry on producing beautiful work of art.

4. Handmade is high quality

Hand created products are made to the highest quality because the maker understand the value of each piece. Remember paying less means you're getting less. Handmade items is made to last. It is not there until the next upgrade or until the guarantee runs out. 

5. Handmade is thoughtful

Each item is a creation of love and skill. The maker uses all their abilities to create a beautiful item that celebrates their craftsmanship. They have imagined each piece, from beginning to end. The thoughtfulness extends to the buyer, who appreciates all the effort and skill. 

6. There is a story behind each handmade product

Each handmade item has its own story, each person who created it puts a lot of time and effort in to making something that’s unique, beautiful and made just for you. The maker or artisan has spent many nights learning a skill, perfecting a technique and pouring their passion into what they make. Your gift has a very special story of a lifetime woven into it. By supporting the maker, you support their creativity and skill. 

7. Buy handmade directly from the maker

It can’t be simpler than this. You buy directly from the person who makes your handmade gift. If you need to ask any question about the product (materials used to make it, how to look after it, colour & size options) you will talk directly with the person who made it. They know their product inside out and will be able to give you the best advice. When you place your order with House Of Mawi, the notification comes directly to the maker (me!!), and I will prepare your order – design process, make the product, personalise, beautifully wrap it and take it to the post office.

8. Buying handmade keeps the craft skills and tradition going 

Yes, you support learning, creating and history by allowing craftsmen to practice, showcase and carry on traditions. We are a society that values the art and creativity and by buying handmade you support the continuation of the arts for the next generation and keep the art and craft alive.

9. When you buy handmade it shows that you care

If you buy your friend a commercially produced coffee cup, the chances are that somebody else will have it too. It might be pretty and it might even be expensive, but it’s not necessarily unique. By buying handmade and personalised ceramics, you show your friend that you’ve taken the time to research what she likes and that you’ll treat her to something that nobody else will have.

10. Handmade is made by real people

When you buy a handmade gift you know that the maker is passionate about their craft so each gift is made with love.  With handmade products, there’s always a lot of love, care & attention to detail to create something unique and to be treasured. So next time you need a gift, a new item for your home, or simply want to treat yourself to a piece of pottery, consider handmade. You’ll get a better quality and unique product. You’re supporting a handmade business owner’s life and craft. Plus, you’re keeping otherwise lost skills alive, and making a greener purchase.

At House Of Mawi, I am so grateful for the opportunity to create 100% handmade, nature-inspired ceramics.

Happy handmade shopping!